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Residence Punta Falcone
Your All-Inclusive Holiday Package and Sea View of Sardinia

The Residence. Beautiful to find, lovely to live in.

Punta Falcone, as poets would say, is where the sea of the Boniface Straits melts into the blue sky. It is beautiful to find us, following the road from the village of Santa Teresa di Gallura that winds through woods of Holm oak and juniper or perfumed Mediterranean Maquis, you arrive on a natural terrace overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful seas.
The island of Corsica is spread before you with the town of Boniface and the islets of Lavezzi and Cavallo, to the east the Sardinian islands of Spargi and Budelli. At your feet, a granite promontory in one of the most exclusive and spectacular areas of Sardinia. What was once only a series of paths and animal trails, Punta Falcone, has given its name to the site of the Residence.
A place that has been sculpted by the natural elements, the rustling winds, the constant movement of the sea. A habitat where sea, nature, art and history combine in one harmonious composition. The Punta Falcone Residence is a tailored environment, where you can enjoy your vacation without being overrun by the masses while enjoying our services, organized to keep pace with all the modern requests.
Residing at the Punta Falcone Residence means you are close to everything that counts: prestigious golf courses, beautiful beaches, all the localities of Gallura and the Costa Smeralda as well as the ports and marinas where magic drops anchor every summer.

Activities Reserved to our Guest

Residence Punta Falcone

Località Ficaccia
07028 Santa Teresa Gallura (OT) – Italy
Tel:      +39 0789 751474
Email: info@residencepuntafalcone.it
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